Pirate Fun 2012

San Francisco Opening Day on the Bay 2012: Cetacea was a first place winner!

We started out as Privateers to plunder an’ pillage SF, an’ local environs thereof,
an’ ended up in tha chaos o’ Swaggys racin’ ‘roun’ in circles like the curs they be!
So, we yielded to a’r Captain, an’ that be me, an’ breezed past tha SS Horatio Hornblower,
a gasbag of minor insignificance held afloat by Squiffies and taxes, whilst
floggin’ a bilge rat what cracked the bung hole o’ o’r barrels o’ grog,
firin’ ar’ cannon an’ actin’ like true Privateers we be.

O’r Jolly Rogers scar’d thar bed-wettin’ judges aboard tha SS Marshmallow, an’ thar
lily-livered scurvy-dogs yielded thar prize to our fine Furner, the SV Cetacea,
Queen o’ the Seas with five Mermaids gone mad!

A prize seized from a coalition o’ yacht clubs to a non-affiliated Privateer,
o’r fine Furner Cetacea! A quandary now exists among o’r tentative truce an’ we be
a’seizin’ Commodore Mia’s booty an’ displayin’ it in public fer all to view. Har Har!