Pelagian 2013, pt 1

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Squat lobster The “Thing”
DSC2629a_web DSC2492_LS_web DSC2541_LS_web
Flamenco Dancer Mimic Octopus
 DSC2953a_web  DSC2954a_web  DSC2920a_web
DSC2891a_web DSC2889a_web DSC2727a_web
3′ ribbon eel Signal Goby WormWood
DSC2699a_web DSC2995a_web DSC2993a_web
Orgy Nudibranch
DSC2980a_web DSC2979a_web DSC2643a_web
Cuttlefish picture 2 UnCharacterized
DSC2974a_web DSC2973a_web _DSC2842a_web
Geo-fish (triangle) Geo-Fish (square) Vinnie the fish
IMG_4958a_web IMG_4778a_web
Tiny cutey Tiny Bobtail Squid