Our lives are like the sack of winds in Greek Mythology that the crew of Ulysses opened. These howling
winds escaped and could not be put back. Once we begin our journey we can never go back; we cannot return.
This is the essence of man and the bittersweet joy of our life. Engage life and be honorable on your voyage;
be courageous. Be true to your own vision as you ride the winds to your destiny. – Vladimir Kush/Odysseus

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America’s Cup 2012

America’s Cup 2013

Farallones 2010

Farallones 2012

Farallones 2013

My Ships

The Sailing Vessel Cetacea  (also one photo shown below)

Pacific Cup

The Sailing Vessel Ishtar

2011 “Opening Day on the Bay” (aka Pirate Fun)

2012 “Opening Day on the Bay”¬† (aka Pirate Fun)

2013 “Opening Day on the Bay” (aka Pirate Fun)

2014 “Opening Day on the Bay” (aka Pirate Fun)

2015 “Opening Day on the Bay” (aka Pirate Fun)

Steam Punk/Sea Punk